Friday, October 19, 2012

If the Broom Fits....

This is a Halloween card I sent to my Mom in 2004. I just love this witch from an old Stampin' Up! set called Just For Fun. She reminds me of the witch on a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Does anyone remember her? She was trying to make Bugs into stew and everytime she ran off, hairpins were left floating in the air! 
On the inside of the card, I wrote "This witch wants to wish you a Happy Halloween!"


  1. Love seeing all of the cards you created for your mom over the years.

  2. Ha, ha, ha. Hair pins floating in the air. I don't remember that cartoon (I remember Bugs Bunny, just not the one with the witch) but it sounds really funny. Love the card with this witch. The layers set off the witch and the purple color really makes her stand out!
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  3. Cute! And, yes, I do remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the witch in it.