Friday, March 8, 2013

WWE Thank you

My son had a WWE party for his birthday. The decorations included a bunch of little cards that I guess was supposed to be large confetti. I decided to save some to add to a scrapbook layout and used a couple to make thank you cards.

When I went to show my son and see if it met up to 12-yr.old boy approval, his response was "why does everything have to be homemade?" Of course I said "because I can make it cuter and it will be cheaper than buying cards." His response: "By the time you buy the paper and other stuff, isn't it about the same?" My response: "Not if you already have everything!"
Then he said,
"Then why do you keep going to the craft stores and buying more?"
I gave up!!


  1. Cute card! Tell Garrison that no one is going to want to marry him with THAT attitude! LOL Train him now to say, "Whatever makes you happy, honey." :-)

  2. Ha, ha. The logic of a 12 year old! He might be right but hey, it's not as much fun to just buy a card, besides, tell him that making cards keeps you out of his hair. LOL Cute card. Love the chevron paper.
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  3. sounds like a response a "man in the making" would make! I think it looks great! Way to go Mom!