Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I hadn't made a Father's Day card for my husband, so I asked the kids to pick one out at the store. After awhile, they asked if I could make a card because "all the cards at the store were lame!" Of course, I was thrilled to death that they actually asked me to make a card instead of buying one! Although, their thinking may have been "if we have to give him a lame card, it may as well be one Mom can make for free!"
I dug around in my craft room and of course I had mustache paper and stickers since I love the whole mustache craze and this is what I came up with. Speaking of mustaches, when I married my husband he was rocking a Tom Selleck mustache and looking pretty good in it! Happy Father's Day!!


  1. That's awesome! You are the best card "store" there is! Love the card and the papers!

  2. I busted out laughing! It's a great card! Nice job!