Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sketch Inspirations #316, 318

I made a twofer! The right page is sketch #316 and the left page is sketch #318 from Sketch Inspirations.

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    1. WOOHOO, gittin' 'er done! I haven't done ANY crafting since the retreat. I'm behind on my Design Team commitments and my sketch challenges! School ends soon...I'm counting the days. I may only work Monday and Tuesday next week instead of the additional 1/2 days on Wednesday and Thursday. My transcription work is getting heavier - I have deadlines for that every Friday for the next 3 Fridays - ACK!

    2. Nice job Pam! I'm a twofer also! Sadly, I'm still behind. I now know why when someone starts making cards...that's all they want to make! It's easier!