Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mom's Drawer

We've been busy working on cleaning out my Mom's house. It is physically and emotionally exhausting. My mom was a bit of a packrat, so there is quite a lot to deal with. She has a buffet with a huge drawer and I decided to clean it out. I opened it up and it was crammed with practically every card she had ever been given and she had dated them. I found some from the late 80's!

She had all the birthday and Mother's day cards all of us had given her, as well as, graduation and wedding announcements, newspaper clippings, etc. She even had cards and drawings the grandkids had made her and their birthday invitations! Apparantly, my neice and nephew went through a phase where they were fascinated by the mail system. They would make Grandma a card then go to her house the next day and check her mail to see if she got it! She had saved all of those including one that was a wadded up piece of wrapping paper with a note written on the back!

Besides the cards from all of us, she had numerous cards from her friends through the years. It was so touching to read all the cards they sent thanking her for being a great friend, giving them a thoughtful gift, taking them to lunch, calling to check on them, or being there when they needed someone to talk to, etc.

I spent about 7 hrs. going through that drawer. I made a box for each of my siblings and as I found a card from them, I tossed it in their box so they could have them. Of course my husband thought I was nuts for spending so much time going through everything when there is so much to do, but it was the best 7 hrs. I've ever spent!

So since I have every card I've given her in the last 20 years, I also have every card I made for her since I started stamping in '99! I thought it would be fun to post a couple each week to see how my stamping abilitly evolved, as well as, the different trends through the years. Trust me, some of them are something only a mother would love! This card was made after going to my first Stampin' Up! party and buying the Button Bear set (that I still have, but never use!) Notice I didn't bother coloring the bear, but check out the roller background and fabulous deckle edge scissor detail!! 


  1. You've come a long way, baby! LOL - in your cardmaking that is!

    What a gift to be able to read all the wonderful, kind things your mother did for others - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that regard!

  2. This was very good therapy for you and such a treasure to have! It's things like this drawer of goodies that make life worthwhile.

  3. This is an awesome post. I am looking forward to seeing the other cards. Thinking about you!

  4. I can see how meaningful finding that drawer was! So cool you have those things to remember her by. I could say the same about my scrapbooking. Some of the first I did looks like a kid made them! You card is still cute however!