Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Announcing Garrison!!

This is the announcement I sent out when Garrison was born in '01! Who would've thought that 9 1/2 lb. bundle would turn out to be such a runt today!
 Notice all the deckle edge cutting and sponging. I think I made about 50 of these. Again, not something I would mass produce today! Geez, I wonder how I got anything done back in those days!!


  1. Very cute! How did we have more time way back when?! We sure don't have it now, do we?!

  2. awww....this is cute! Hope you're having as much fun going through these as I am seeing them here! I bet you are getting floods of memories as you do this and also the "where did the time go?" I just have to laugh when I look at some of the first scrapbooks I made!