Monday, August 6, 2012

Daisy Petal Card

This is a petal card I made for my Mom for Mother's Day '01. I didn't have a "Happy Mother's Day" stamp, so I used a versamark marker to write the sentiment on vellum, then embossed it.
My friend Christina and I used to make these petal cards all the time. She had the great idea to use them to "wrap" a small piece of jewelry for little girls' birthday gifts. We used to get together every couple of months and have Stamp-a-thons. We would stamp all day and half the night until we had our stash of cards replenished.


  1. Beautiful card! What fun it sounds like you had stamping with your friend!

  2. So much fun to see all of your earlier cards and to hear you reminisce about all the fun you had...why don't WE have that much time anymore?!