Saturday, February 9, 2013


I always look forward to my Mother-in-law's visits because we always take time to do some papercrafting. She gave me a quilling kit for Christmas, so we tried our hand at it while she was here.
I remember watching the Carol Duvall show and seeing someone do it and always wanted to give it a try. It's really tedious and not something you would do to quickly throw a card together, but it is really a lot of fun!


  1. these cards are cool! Love the balloons!

  2. Pretty quilling cards!

    I came to comment on your Valentine Class cards that were on my Google Reader, but when I clicked it said the post didn't exist. When I hit "home" on your blog, it brought me to the quilling cards. Did you put the Valentine Class post up and take it back down again?! Man, that was weird!

  3. Quilling. Something I've never done but these look fabulous on your cards!
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