Thursday, February 14, 2013

We "moustache" you to be our Valentine!

This is the Valentine card I sent to my mother-in-law from the kids. We were at Six Flags and they bought these sunglasses with moustashes on them.
I just love the whole moustache craze. I looked everywhere for moustache suckers so I could attach a little tag that said "I moustache you to be my Valentine". I finally gave up when I realized my kids are too old for giving valentines to friends. That makes me so sad!
Today Garrison turns 12 and Meleah will be 16 on Saturday!


  1. Cute moustache card! Wow, too old for valentines - I'm almost there. Yesterday was Kaylie's LAST Lower School party ever - she will be in Middle School next year. It brought tears to my eyes to think about her growing up! My gosh, Meleah will be driving soon. ACK!